Thursday, September 30, 2010

Òkó Language

Welcome to Òkó Language Blog

This blog is about Òkó, the language of the Ogori and Magongo people of Kogi – a state in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria, West Africa. Òkó is a small group language, which is increasingly becoming endangered due to various socio-political reasons. The site is a product as well as a process of an ongoing research to explore, document and to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Òkó and the speakers.

The website presents multipurpose and multimodal resources for understanding Òkó as a language, its speakers and their community and provides various information of epistemological interest. You will find the following information in this blog

i. Òkó as a language
ii. different aspects of the culture and tradition of Òkó speakers,
iii. online information of interest to linguists and language analysts
iv. resources for Ogori and Magongo people who wish to be literate (learn to read and write) in their language
v. educational resources for oracy and literacy in Òkó.
vi. references to some other literature on Òkó and its speakers.